Our Forms, and info for a $5.50 Fecal Exam and $20.00 Giardia Test

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INFORMATION FORM and Owner Agreement (One is required for EACH Dog)

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Where can I get a $5.50 Fecal Exam and a $20.00 Giardia Test?
Western Disease Diagnostic Lab
(By the Ag Center)
785 Airport Road
Fletcher, NC 28732
Fecal testing for only $5.50, Giardia test for only $20
Directions: take 280 toward airport. Pass the The AG Center. Right after the stables, there is a white sign with 785 Diagnostic Laboratory System on it. Turn in and go up to the building and enter through the front doors.
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 9-5
Fecal samples need to be fresh, not older than 24 hours, keep at room temp or under REFRIGERATION. Be sure to have a very fresh sample if using the drop box.

***POOPIE SAMPLE NOTE:*** There is an “after hours” drop refrigerator located to the left of the building, follow the sidewalk, and mounted on the door are forms, you put your sample in there if you go after hours. During business hours, go inside to the front desk. WE REQUIRE FECAL EXAMS AND GIARDIA TESTS!