The Dog Park

The private membership dog park at Spring Valley Farm is located in the “Valley of the Seven Springs” in scenic Pisgah Forest, North Carolina.  Bordered by Lyday Creek and neighboring horse and cattle farms, your dogs will frolic in their off-leash freedom and their social activities and opportunities with fellow canines. Cattle fencing, coupled with double gating at the main entrance and the creek entrance, provide optimum security for Fido.  Amenities include fresh water sources, tennis balls and launchers, and chairs.

Fees: Choose a Membership that works for you!

  • $350 UNLIMITED VISITS FOR A YEAR for the first dog; add $175 for the second dog ($525); add $150 for the third dog ($675)
  • $35 UNLIMITED VISITS FOR A MONTH for the first dog; add $25 for the second dog ($60); add $15 for the third dog ($75)
  • $5 per visit for EACH DOG

Steps to Joining:

1. If you are a new Member: Make an appointment for your complimentary ‘Meet & Greet’.  All dogs are temperament tested. Bring with you, or send ahead of time via email or fax, the Information Form (one per dog) and the Dog Park Registration Agreement, both are on this website’s “Download Forms” page. You also MUST read the Welcome Letter, also on that same “Download Forms” page.

2. The annual fees are arranged from January 1st to December 31st and are pro-rated according to your sign-up date. To calculate what your fee is, count the number of months this year of your membership, and multiply by $29.17 and you’ll have your rate for the rest of the year. In other words…if you join in early February, you owe for 11 months, which is $320.83. Checks are made payable to SVF (initials are fine) and can be left inside the Dog Park Mailbox or mailed to us at 171 Share The Rd Pisgah Forest NC 28768.


  • Complete a Meet and Greet with Staff (email Cindy at to schedule).
    • neutered/spayed before they reach 12 months of age (HOWEVER: We support your decision to wait until your puppy matures…let’s talk!)
    • friendly, socialized and well behaved; free of bite history to humans and dogs; be non-aggressive towards dogs and humans.
    • non-escape artists or fence jumpers or diggers
    • free of fleas, met all health requirements
    • free of high anxiety, separation or otherwise
    • Provide copies of 2 negative fecal tests per year, INCLUDING GIARDIA TEST, once every 6 months, unless they are on Trifexis, Sentinel, Interceptor, or Advantage Multi for heartworm prevention–then we need it every 12 months. This is because those 4 heartworm meds are ALSO designed to take care of the intestinal parasites that we worry about around here. Keep in mind that YOU must actually go and look at your dog’s poopies soon after they lay them in order to see tapeworms. They are visible to our eyes, but will often NOT show up on a fecal exam result. So, this is your responsibility as a dog owner to spot tapeworms and have your dog treated for them. Tapeworms look similar to grains of rice. You can also see Roundworms sometimes, they look like spaghetti.
    • Be current on all inoculations, BY AT LEAST 7 DAYS, and have supplied copies to SVF as described here:

    Bordetella vaccine (kennel cough) ~ required every year

    Distemper/Parvo combination ~ required every 1-3 years, depending on the type of shot given. WE DO ACCEPT TITER TEST LETTERS FROM THE VET FOR THIS.

    Rabies ~ required every 1-3 years, depending on the type of shot given

    Fecal: Send me a copy of a negative fecal exam, INCLUDING GIARDIA TEST, every 6 months, or annually if your dog is on Trifexis, Sentinel, Advantage Multi, or Interceptor for Heartworm protection.

    ***All dogs are REQUIRED to be on monthly heartworm prevention, and monthly Flea Prevention that is veterinarian approved ***

    Recommended, not required:

    Leptospirosis: (VERY HIGHLY recommended, not required…Lepto is found in water, and your dog will likely drink out of puddles, and the creek if you let them, so I would get it. It is a nasty illness that is often misdiagnosed because the symptoms are similar to many other illnesses at first.) 

    K-9 Influenza: (ask your vet to determine if this shot is right for your dog or not. 

    Dog Park Hours and Rules, Parking Rules, & Driveway Protocol:

    1) Please keep your speed to 10 mph or less on our one-way, one car driveway!!!!

    2) The Dog Park is open 365 days a year during daylight hours and is closed during and after heavy rains to “Heavyweight” players, such as very active, fast turning, ball loving, larger dogs.  “Lightweight” players, such as those who are just walkers or very small dogs, have access when the grass is a bit wet as they don’t tear up the sod like the Heavyweights do. To determine whether or not the dog park is closed, if there is standing water on the driveway, there will be standing water in the dog park, and it is closed. Standing water means soft, mushy turf. At these times, the Dog Park will be closed. If your yard is soggy, so is mine. If there are big puddles in the Dog Park, it is closed.


    4) As soon as you open a gate, CLOSE IT. Immediately.

    5) Pick up your dog’s poop. Every time. There are poop bags for your use, located in a grey bucket that hangs on the fence at the entry, and a trash can to put the poop filled bags in. There is also a pooper scooper. We make it easy for you.

    6) If your dog digs a hole, YOU MUST put the dirt back in and fill the hole! There is often a “spare” bag of dirt located by the poo station for this purpose.

    7) If your dog uses a ball or toy, put it back in the bin before you leave. DO NOT leave them in the field!