Doggy Day Care and Dog Boarding

threephotos3_80NOTE: Fees are in BLUE TEXT BELOW
“There’s nothing like it anywhere” is the common thread from the feedback that we receive from our customers. SVF was created to be the kind of place we wanted for our own personal dogs. While owners are away on holiday, their Fidos are away at camp – enjoying their off-leash freedom as they romp with other kindred spirits over many acres of land and a creek. All pets receive personalized attention, playtime, and fun with seasoned handlers. We want your dog’s visit to be so awesome that they cannot wait to visit again!

We are open BY APPOINTMENT for drop offs and pick ups 7 days a week from 7:30 am until 6:30 pm, except we are closed daily (no drop offs and pick ups) from 1 to 4. All drop offs and pick ups are done BY APPOINTMENT. PLEASE DROP OFF AT LEAST 1/2 HOUR BEFORE ANY CLOSING TIME so that we have time to get your dog settled in properly.

Steps to Boarding:

  1. Call to make an appointment for an initial “Meet and Greet” for both you and Fido. This is a complete tour of our facilities for both you and Fido. I will also attempt to evaluate your pup to see if they will fit in here, and will be evaluating you to see if we can work together.
  2. Download or obtain a copy from the office the following documents: INFORMATION FORM and OWNER AGREEMENT, and the WELCOME LETTER. Be sure to read, fill out, sign and bring them when you come in, or send them beforehand to or fax 404-592-6220. If it is hard for you to print things, just let me know and we will print them for you and pre-fill them out. But go ahead and read them at home so you can be ready to complete and sign them here.
  3. Provide us with a copy of Fido’s inoculation records, including a negative fecal exam, INCLUDING GIARDIA TEST, . Required immunizations, current AT LEAST 7 DAYS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL HERE, are: Rabies, Bordetella, DHP, and we recommend Leptospirosis but it is not required. See below for more information on this. I MUST HAVE the records BEFORE your dog’s first visit here. If not, I will have to look at the records you bring with you when you come here with the dog, and if they are not current on all that we require, you will be turned away. I can not allow any dogs here that are not current on all that we require. Don’t risk ruining your vacation…get the records to me ahead of time.
  4. When you are ready to make your boarding appointment, email us at, providing us with your dog’s name, your name, your phone number, and the dates and times of drop-off and pick-up for Fido’s stay with us. Existing clients can simply text me, for example: “Buster Friday the 8th at 8:30 until Sunday at 6:30 ok?”
  5. Your reservation will then be confirmed via either text or email, or by phone if text/email is not possible.
  6. Contact Information:, 828-577-4477. Emails and texts are ALWAYS preferred to phone calls, for many reasons. Please remember to never text me at night or very early AM…I need my sleep! You may send emails 24/7, they are silent on my phone but are frequently checked. 

 Requirements for boarding:

  • neutered/spayed before they reach 12 months of age (HOWEVER: We support your decision to wait until your puppy matures)
  • accepts a crate, meaning that they will not bark and whine about being in one or try to escape one
  • friendly, socialized and well behaved; free of bite history to humans and dogs; be non-aggressive towards dogs and humans.
  • non-escape artists or fence jumpers or diggers
  • free of fleas, met all health requirements
  • free of high anxiety, separation or otherwise
  • Requirements
    • Have completed an initial visit and a Meet and Greet.
    • Provide copies of 2 negative fecal tests per year, INCLUDING GIARDIA TEST, once every 6 months, unless they are on Trifexis, Sentinel, Interceptor, or Advantage Multi for heartworm prevention–then we need it every 12 months. This is because those 4 heartworm meds are ALSO designed to take care of the intestinal parasites that we worry about around here. Keep in mind that YOU must actually go and look at your dog’s poopies soon after they lay them in order to see tapeworms. They are visible to our eyes, but will often NOT show up on a fecal exam result. So, this is your responsibility as a dog owner to spot tapeworms and have your dog treated for them. Tapeworms look similar to grains of rice. You can also see Roundworms sometimes, they look like spaghetti.
    • Be current on all inoculations, BY AT LEAST 7 DAYS, and have supplied copies to SVF as described here:
  • Bordetella vaccine (canine cough, aka kennel cough) ~ required every year
    Distemper/Parvo combination ~ required every 1-3 years, depending on the type of shot given. WE CAN ALSO ACCEPT A TITER TEST LETTER FROM YOUR VET!
    Rabies ~ required every 1-3 years, depending on the type of shot given
    Fecal: Send me a copy of a negative fecal exam, INCLUDING GIARDIA TEST, every 6 months, or annually if your dog is on Trifexis, Sentinel, Advantage Multi, or Interceptor.
    ***All dogs are also REQUIRED to be on monthly heartworm prevention, and monthly Flea Prevention that is veterinarian approved ***
  • Recommended, not required:
    Leptospirosis: (VERY HIGHLY recommended, not required…Lepto is found in water, and your dog will likely drink out of puddles, and the creek if you let them, so I would get it. It is a nasty illness that is often misdiagnosed because the symptoms are similar to many other illnesses at first.) K-9 Influenza: (ask your vet to determine if this shot is right for your dog or not. 

Other Details:

  • YOU MUST bring all food and medications for your dog, and provide us with clear instructions at check-in. For example, we’ll take you literally if you tell us to “use one cup two times per day”. Perhaps your “cup” is a plastic 32 oz. “Big Gulp” cup. Ours is a MEASURING CUP; 8 oz. Any medicines or supplements (pills) should be put in a weekly am/pm plastic container (if you have one) and brought at drop-off, or in their original containers where we put them into a weekly pill dispenser for accurate administration. We do not charge extra for administering meds or supplements; there may be an extra charge to administer shots. Medical care fees outside of normal dispensation of pills will be assessed on a case-by-case basis depending on the need for care; Inquire within for details regarding your pet’s needs. DO NOT bring food bins or big sacks of food. MEASURE OUT the feedings your dog will need and add one day just in case you are delayed. Give us only that amount of food. I have had people bring a 40 pound sack of dog food or a big bin when their dog is only staying here for 2 days. If you do that, we will hand you a grocery sack and tell you to measure out the needed food plus one day and send you away with the rest. This is because we have to lug everything up a long flight of stairs and back down, and we do not have space to store all of that. We usually have 20 to 35 dogs here. Bring the measured food in a grocery sack, baggie, similar. No bins. No big sacks unless your dog is staying long enough to warrant this. Be sure to MEASURE THE FOOD OUT for the number of feedings needed, plus one day. If you do not bring enough food, we will have to go and get some, and we will charge for that, $35 an hour plus the price of the bag/can of food. If we cannot obtain the same food that your dog is used to, and have to give them some of the food my dogs eat, they may get very sick. We do not want this to happen. Make sure you send enough food!!! It is very hard for us to leave the Farm sometimes to go get food, so your dog may go without food for one feeding.
  • FEE POLICIES: Due to heavy demands, a 72-hour minimum stay is required during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, and a 48-hour minimum stay is required for the Easter, Spring Break, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and New Year’s holiday periods, and the Burning Can Festival and Mountain Song Festival weekends. For ALL stays: “IF YOU BOOK IT, YOU BUY IT” which means: If you decide late in the stay to pick up early, you must still pay for the entire reservation that you made. It has nothing to do with us that you decided to come home early…we already booked our spaces based on your reservation, and you will need to honor it financially. We could not sell that space to someone else, because you made us reserve it. If we are told at least a day in advance, we may decide to adjust the bill. For all reservations, cancellation fees apply; see below. CHANGE REQUESTS: If you need to pick up earlier or later, you must let us know as soon as you realize that. Please make every effort to keep your scheduled appointment. When people decide to come earlier or later, it wreaks havoc with our schedule and causes extra work that must be immediately done. We reserve the right to charge $10 for change requests made same-day, especially if it is within 2 hours of the scheduled appointment. We routinely have people who book a reservation, and then notify us that they are back a day or more early, and want to come pick up their dog an hour from now. That is OK, but we need you to honor the financial obligation created by your reservation. We constantly have people who notify us at 11:45 that they want to come at 1 instead of 12. That is OK, but we are likely to charge you for that. Please treat your appointments with us just like you would treat an appointment made with any other professional office, and make plans to honor it. We understand if you are unavoidably late, and appreciate being notified as soon as you realize that you are running late. As stated below, we also reserve the right to charge a $25 Late/Early fee if you are late or early without proper notice.
  • There are no pick-ups or drop-offs on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day!  On those days, we are closed for drop offs and pick ups completely. 
  • CANCELLATION FEES, year round, at our discretion: Cancel 14 days or more ahead: No Charge; 7 to 13 days: 50% of total boarding fee; 3 – 6 days: 75% of total boarding fee; 2 days or less: 90% of total boarding fee.
  • As puppies under 6 months of age may require more trips outside for elimination, and require more of our time and attention to care for properly in general, we charge a $10.00 per day surcharge for puppies younger than 6 months of age.
  • WHAT ARE THE “DROP OFF” AND “PICK UP” TIMES? I am very flexible between 7:30 am and 1 pm, and from 4 pm until 6:30 pm. We are closed daily from 1-4. We do ask that drop offs happen at least 1/2 hour before a closing time, so that we have time to settle the dog in before closing. If you find that you will need to arrive early or late by more than 10 minutes, you must call or text me to let me know, AND hear back from me that it is ok. Do not arrive early or late without permission/acknowledgement, or you may find that you have to wait for us to finish what we are doing before we can get to you. For example, we may be bathing a dog then. Or we may have a playgroup going, or we may be doing a feeding…there are many, many chores here, all day long. Or, we may not even be here. If you TELL ME you are early, or late, we will work around it as best we can. Again, do not just show up early or late. We may charge you a $25 fee if you do this. I reserve the right to charge a $25 early or late fee for every 10 minutes that you are early or late without telling me and receiving acknowledgement.
  • EVERY client has my cell number and I carry it with me at all times. You must text or email or call me if you will be late or early! I cannot overstate the havoc it wreaks here when people are early or late without letting us know. I reserve the right to charge a $25 early or late fee for every 10 minutes that you are early or late without telling me and receiving acknowledgement.



  • Over-night Visits: $38 for 1 dog, $71 for 2 dogs for one 24-hour stay; (ask for 3+ dogs)

    Extensions beyond 24 hours: less than 6 hours: $20/40; 6 or more hours: $30/50 (1 dog/2 dogs). If the visit is overnight and/or much longer than 6 hours “over”, but not quite 24 hours, I do reserve the right to charge the full $38, or some amount between $30 and $38, for one dog, and a similar appropriate charge for 2 dogs.

    Discount: 5% off over 7 night stays; 10% off over 14 night stays

    Puppies: $10 more per day for puppies under 6 months.

    DOGGY DAY CARE Visits:

    Half Day ~ Less than 6 hours $25/50 (1 dog/2 dogs)

    Full Day ~ 6 or more hours $30/55 (1 dog/2 dogs)

    Discount ~ Book regularly for 4 or 5 weekdays every week, deduct 5%. No weekend discounts for daycare

    Puppies: $10 more per day for puppies under 6 months.


    Below is our schedule for this time of year for the dogs, all times are approximate since animals are unpredictable and so are their owners and so is the weather. ​The dogs ALWAYS go out 5 times each day, this is their general schedule:

    1) Am Potty 7:30 (We open at 7:30 am)
    2) ​Feeding (around 7:45/8 am)
    3) Rest in crate around 30 minutes so that the chance of “bloat” is lessened
    4) 1 hour playtime or more! (around 8:30, until 9:30 or after)
    5) Rest time in kennel
    6) 1 hour playtime (starts at 11:30 or 12 for one hour)
    7) Rest time in kennel. We are closed for drop offs and pick ups from 1 until 4 so that we
        can do other work chores and eat lunch and return emails and calls and run errands etc.
    8) Supper (at 4/4:30)
    9) Rest in crate around 30 minutes so that the chance of “bloat” is lessened
    10) 1 hour playtime or more! (around 4:30 or 5, to 5:30 or 6 or after)
    11) We close at 6:30
    12) Rest time in kennel
    13) Nite Nite potty before I go to bed at night
    Note that if it is raining very hard, they will not be out for one full hour during that particular playtime, but we will catch them up later. They always go out 5 times a day no matter the weather. We flex the playtimes around rainstorms unless we have a day where it rains all day long, then we take them out for shorter times. If it is a really pretty day, the playtimes can sometimes last an hour and a half or more if we have the time to stay out with them that long.

    All business is by Appointment Only! Drop off and pick up appointments are available 7 days a week, from 7:30 to 1, and from 4 to 6:30. We require firm appointment times. Please drop off your dog at least 1/2 hour before any closing time, so that we have time to settle them in before closing.